Change the Discourse is a collaborative project engaged in analyzing the following question:

How is the Occupy/99% movement represented through discourse in the public sphere?

We have collected and analyzed a diverse corpus of texts that together help to co-produce what the occupy/99% movement means in the public imagination. We have examined a wide range of discourse genres – ranging from mainstream news reporting to political satire and social media platforms – that employ a number of modalities of mediated communication (written words, images, videos). We further focused on a number of topical areas within the Occupy/99% movement, examining the ways that the movement is made to mean through issue specific discursive spaces like education, race, gender, or policing activity.

These entries were written by students at the University of Washington  Seattle and the University of Washington Bothell in a collaborative critique of the discursive production of the occupy/99% movement in the public sphere. All collection of copyrighted material was conducted through public websites or licensed academic databases in the process of course-based learning. All publication of copyrighted material on this website is based in the right to Fair Use for purposes of public education and reflective critique. For more on fair use in social research see the Code of Best Practices in Fair use for Scholarly Research In Communication that was recently adopted by the International Communication Association and the National Communication Association.

Creative Commons License
The Change The Discourse blog by Amoshaun Toft et al. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Please refer questions or comment about this website to Professor Amoshaun Toft at

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